All In the Family

We begin our Families Matter series with the reminder to build our families on the right foundation.

For Personal Reflection/Small Group Study

    • Read Deuteronomy 6 & 7
      • Make a list of sins- wrong actions, attitudes, or thoughts- that are mentioned in these passages to avoid in life.
      • Make a list of promises, these will give us confidence when we doubt God or face difficult times. Take them to heart and believe what they say.
      • What examples do you find? Is there a right way of thinking or acting described that you should take as an example in your life?
      • Write all the commands you find. When a passage encourages you to take action, take it as a command and write it down.
      • What does this passage tell you about God that you can apply to your daily life?
    • Read Judges 1 & 2
      • Compile all the facts in this text- make observations on what it says.
      • Draw a few principles from the observations you made- write what God is trying to teach you.
      • Who will you apply these principles to your life? Be specific- who, what, when?
    • Matthew 5-7 is what we call, “The Sermon on the Mount”. Read the whole thing carefully.
      • How is chapter 7 different than chapters 5 & 6?
      • Why is Jesus doing this?
      • What foundation are you on?