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How the Bible Works:
A Matter of Life & Death

Numbers 30:11-20

The first 5 books of the Bible describe the origins of creation, the beginnings of human rebellion, and the birth of the family of Israel - the people chosen and prepared by God to be a light to all people. As the people are about to enter the Promised Land, Moses presents the people with a challenge and a choice: "God has delivered you, will you create your own story, or will you live in His?"


Each week, as we gather together, we celebrate Jesus' defeat of death. Even as we are physically separated, we still proclaim this victory. His death and resurrection are our hope in even the worst of circumstances!

You may not have easy access to the normal emblems of this "meal" but you can use what you do have, just as Jesus did. During the course of His last meal with His disciples, He took the bread and wine that were a normal part of their Passover meal and gave them a new significance as they were made to represent His body and blood, given for our rescue. Take some time to thank Him today.


We also want to take time to give in recognition of how He has provided for our physical needs and as a statement of our faith that He will continue to do so. The easiest way to do that right now is to use this link to give online.

Tuesday Q & A

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