October 11 2020- Stay in Your Lane

Admin John Mulholland, Kingdom 2020

As an American, you’ve likely heard the phrase, “The Separation of Church and State.” What does it mean? From where does it come? What does it mean as citizens of God’s Kingdom? We’ll be talking about Psalm 146, Genesis 9:6-56, and Matthew 5:13-15.

October 4 2020- The Kingdom of God Requires Wisdom

Admin John Mulholland, Kingdom 2020, Video

Wisdom. It comes from God. It develops over time. It must be practiced. Questions for Discussion For those of you who can vote, what was the first presidential election you participated in? What kinds of decisions in your life have required wisdom? What are some ways Christians can demonstrate godly wisdom over the next 6 weeks?

August 30 2020- What Kind of Wife are We?

Admin John Mulholland, The Wife of Christ

We’ve just spent the last year in a series on the church at Ephesus, reading through parts of Acts and Revelation, all of Ephesians, 1 & 2 Timothy, and recently 1, 2, and 3 John. It’s time for us to evaluate. Paul compares the relationship of husband and wife to the relationship between Jesus and the church, and it’s time …

August 16 2020- Truth = Love- 2 John

Admin Assured, John Mulholland

Summary: Living in the truth demands that we love others.  Questions:  The text tells us John was happy when he discovered believers living according to the truth. What does it mean to live in the truth? Why did John have to remind these same believers that they should love one another? What can we learn about assurance of salvation in …

August 09 2020 – Pursuing Assurance – 1 John 5

Admin 1 John, Assured, John Mulholland, The Church At Ephesus

Summary:  The good news of Jesus Christ allows us to have confident assurance in our salvation. And, as confidently assured people, we have the role of pursuing relationship with God by trusting in the identity of Jesus, joyfully obeying his commands, and praying in accordance to his desires. Reflection: How can you know God’s Spirit is dwelling within you? What evidence are you seeing? …