WestWay Kids

Welcome to WestWay Kids

WestWay Kids is a children’s ministry uniquely designed with your children in mind!

We would love to see you and your family visit WestWay Kids this week. Join the fun and experience a world where kids meet Jesus on their level!


WestWay Kids meet during the 10:15 in small, age appropriate groups.

Every week, all children from birth through 5th grade are invited to experience safe, age appropriate environments where the Bible is taught in a creative and relevant way. 


Welcome to Nursery!

The nursery is a place designed to meet the needs of children from birth to approximately 24 months.

During this stage of their life, we want to Embrace their Physical Needs. The kind and caring Nursery staff will provide your child with a comforting and nurturing environment as they hit many of their first milestones.

We want to partner with you to meet the unique needs of your child as they experience a connection with our staff as well as other children their age. Our goal is to build your child’s confidence as they learn anything from taking their first steps to potty training.

Wee Ones

Welcome to Wee Ones!

Wee Ones is a place designed to meet the needs of children ages 2-4 approximately.

We will continue to Embrace their Physical Needs by offering an environment where kids can connect with adults that are equipped to coach your child as they begin to engage in a new social dynamic with their peers, develop their language skills to communicate their needs, and learn how to follow 1-2 step directions.

Our goal is to encourage your child to ask questions to learn and increase their independence in completing tasks.

Noah's Park

Welcome to Noah's Park!

Noah’s Park is a place designed to meet the needs of children ages 5-7 or children in grades PreK-1st.

As your child becomes more independent, it is time to Engage their Interests. This stage of their life is all about exercising their independence as they learn what things they enjoy and what motivates them to learn. Our Noah’s Park staff currently uses the Orange Curriculum to engage students in meaningful and age appropriate Bible lessons and applications.

Our goal is to develop their knowledge of the Bible and give them tools to share that knowledge with others.


Welcome to Elementary Church!

Elementary Church is a place designed to meet the needs of children ages 8-11 or children in grades 2nd-5th.

We will continue to Engage their Interests by increasing the amount of time spent in peer-to-peer interactions with a focus on Bible knowledge and application. At this stage of their life, children are concerned with how they compare to their peers and if they have friends. Our staff is equipped to challenge kids to work alongside their peers as they dive deeper into the Bible in large group and small group settings.

Our goal is to begin teaching kids to use the Bible to solve problems that arise in their lives and find their identity in Christ.

Wednesday Nights

WestWay Kids meet every Wednesday night during the school year.

Wednesdays At WestWay

Bring the whole family and join us for Wednesdays at WestWay from 6:o0-8:00pm. Doors open at 5:45 and we have a meal that starts at 6:00.

Wednesday nights are a great opportunity for our children to continue to learn and grow in their faith.